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About Our Company

HPP is the leading provider of Supplier Development Programs helping CPOs increase the reliability, sustainability, and scalability of the businesses within their supply chains.

By working directly with suppliers, HPP helps install systems and processes that give these important businesses the tools to grow and adapt as the needs of their large corporate partners change.

HPP establishes business practices that ensure growing operational and financial success with limited investment on the part of the CPO.

The Procurement Wish List

We understand that procurement organizations are challenged with obtaining more value from their suppliers. 70% of CPOs stated that finding more value from suppliers is their #1 objective.


What do you most want from your suppliers?


Innovation? Ideas? Process Improvements?


Consistent Service? Ever-Improving Quality?


Increased Cost Reductions?


Less Supply Chain Risk?

The key to gaining top value from your suppliers is offering tools for operational and financial success that are incorporated into their businesses.

Making the Procurement Wish List Come True

HPP helps Fortune 500 companies become their suppliers’ customer of choice. In our offering, the needed programs are installed in these businesses so that the management systems and processes create dependable service and product fulfillment.

HPP offers a number of programs for suppliers of different employee sizes and revenue ranges. These programs professionalize the management process helping both the business itself and the procurement organization depending on them.

When procurement organizations take an interest in supplier development and offer HPP learning programs, procurement organizations have found:

Suppliers are 27 times more likely to assign their best talent to your account

Suppliers are 17 times more likely to notify your company at the first sign of trouble or risk

Procurement professionals report getting 100% more value from their suppliers overall

Why Focus On Suppliers?


Your suppliers tend to be innovative, agile, hungry to learn and anxious to understand how they can improve and grow with their customers.


By procurement professionals own telling, their suppliers play a critical role in the supply chains of most Fortune 500 companies. They simply provide services and products oftentimes difficult to find elsewhere in the marketplace.


When your suppliers learn to work more effectively with procurement organizations, they provide greater service consistency and better solutions to their large corporate customers.


An enhanced focus by procurement organizations offering the business tools their suppliers require will ensure a supply chain with less risk, more innovation and greater efficiency.

Let’s get to work.


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Industry Facts

Procurement organizations who are invested in their suppliers’ success are 27x more likely to get suppliers’ best talent assigned to your account; resulting in more innovative solutions to your largest business problems. - Vantage Partners, SRM Best Practices & Benchmark Study, 2018

Customers of Choice are 17x more likely to be notified by their suppliers at the first sign of risk or trouble. - Vantage Partners, SRM Best Practices & Benchmark Study, 2018

Through stronger, trusting relationships, Procurement can achieve 2x as much value from their suppliers. - Vantage Partners, SRM Best Practices & Benchmark Study, 2018

70% of Procurement leaders indicated that achieving more value from their suppliers is their #1 tactic for adding value. -Gartner SCM World Future of Supply Chain Survey 2018

74% of Procurement leaders acknowledge the importance of obtaining value from suppliers; but 51% have low to moderate capabilities to meet this objective - The Hackett Group, CPO Agenda 2018