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We add value for Procurement beyond the traditional models.

We understand that through developing suppliers, Procurement receives an expanded value proposition and becomes a customer of choice for those suppliers. As a result, Procurement

HPP serves as a critical role within this development process. We understand that Procurement organizations have limited resources to dedicate to the development of their suppliers. We bring a network of highly skilled Business Performance Executives, who coach and guide suppliers to success, under a supplier funded model.

Suppliers benefit from having Business Performance Executives by their side. Suppliers who participate in our programs often say that we enable them to focus on their businesses vs working in their businesses.

As a result, they have:

Stronger business models

More efficient processes

Higher employee engagement

New products & markets for growth.

Constant and combatant price negotiationsLower costs structures from developing more efficient suppliers
Problem solving and innovation limited by corporate cultureInnovation and problem solving driven by suppliers’ top management talent
Modest and transactional supplier relationshipsRisk reduction through stronger supplier partnerships
Constant fire fighting of supply management and quality issuesSuperior supplier performance and quality
Internally focused value proposition constrained by short term corporate objectivesImproving communities through corporate social responsibility (CSR)

our story

HPP was founded due to chance encounters and because of a mutual passion for supplier development.

John Mautner, Chairman of HPP, established Cycle for Success Institute (COSi) in 2001 with the vision of providing entrepreneurs with a fresh “real-world” approach to business education. While there has been no shortage of business schools offering degrees, COSi’s unique curriculum was specifically developed to have an immediate positive impact on the performance of the entrepreneur’s organization. To this day, HPP uses the same methodology as COSi did to engage and inspire better performance for suppliers.

In 2017, Amanda Prochaska, President of HPP, met John while serving as the VP, Procurement PMO at MGM Resorts International. Like most Procurement organizations, MGM was seeking to increase value beyond just price negotiations. Therefore, MGM decided to do things differently by engaging John to teach their suppliers management processes to run their business more effectively. This, in turn, allowed MGM to have better cost structures, higher quality, and more innovative solutions coming from their suppliers. Amanda thought it was too good to be true but it worked so well that she decided to partner with John to start HPP to take this simple solution to the rest of the Procurement industry.

company leadership

Amanda Prochaska

Amanda Prochaska


Amanda has a passion for the success of Procurement organizations now and well into the future. She spent her 16-year Procurement career in various roles, from Sourcing to Procurement operations, to leading Procurement strategy and large scale transformational initiatives for various Fortune 500 companies. She serves on the ISM Thought Leadership Council as the Founding Chairman, on the ISM Conference Leadership Committee, is a well-known keynote speaker. She also writes for various Procurement industry publications, as well as her own blog, Procurement Unstuck – all in an effort to prepare Procurement professionals for future trends within Procurement. Not scared of challenges, she is now an entrepreneur and advisor to Procurement organizations globally.
John Mautner

John Mautner


John, who was the founder of Cycle-of-Success Institute (COSi), is a seasoned entrepreneur who has launched and built four successful companies in the past 20 years. Inc. Magazine named his first business as one of America’s 500 fastest growing companies. In 2001, John founded COSi with the intention of providing businesses with a practical business education program. Since then, COSi has educated and coached thousands of graduates in the Midwest. As a sign of appreciation for all that COSi has accomplished to grow businesses that grow communities, Governor Pat Quinn named March 16th “COSi Day” in the state of Illinois.


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What CLIENTS Are Saying

“Amanda is a passionate leader and a driving force for the procurement community and transformation. She understands the key drivers for the change management required to move our function into the future.”


Stephany Lapierre
CEO, tealbook

“An engaging thought-leader, Amanda is skilled and gifted in executing processes to advance procurement operations within any industry. She's a passionate collaborator whom I enjoyed working with.”

Kenyatta Lewis
Executive Director, Supplier Diversity & Sustainability
MGM Resorts International



“When you think about Amanda – the first word that comes to mind is DRIVE. She’s passionate, kind, and excited to partner with her clients to win! Amanda strives for win-win solutions for her partners and is always looking for ways to provide value for the greater good.”

Louise Finkenbinder
Sr. Director,
S&OP Refrigerated, Frozen, PPD, CANADA

“I have the pleasure to work directly with Amanda as the chair of the Institute for Supply Management Thought Leadership Council. She is insightful, strategic and solution-oriented. Amanda is an out of the box thinker and creates innovative, yet pragmatic solutions in the to help organizations achieve their business objectives. Amanda is one of those exceptional people that takes the time to learn and understand her stakeholder's interests before making decisions. Her expertise and Thought Leadership in Supply Management is advancing the profession! In addition to these capabilities, her personal qualities - high energy, strong interpersonal and communication skills she excels at inspiring and educating others to be there best. She is genuine and has the ability to work with others in a manner that builds consensus and followership.”

Susan Marty
Institute for Supply Management
Chief Product Officer

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